Our Volunteers

For decades Aramco’s employee volunteer program has been active in the Greater Houston community.  Hurricane Harvey became a rallying event for our volunteers and brought out our volunteer spirit. Despite facing their own personal challenges due to the storm, many employees pitched in to help their fellow Houstonians. We’re proud to call them Aramcons and proud of what they do in the community.

Sajee Kadambathil

Sajee Kadambathil

Procurement & Logistics Technical Sourcing Engineer Sajee Kadambathil and his sons, Crisvin, 16, and Calvin, 9, had to wait three days before the water subsided in their own neighborhood before volunteering for the ASC event the Houston Food Bank.

“My children were moved by watching the news about people being rescued. They said it is our responsibility to help people in need. We were just waiting for the water to subside and the roads to clear to go to the Houston Food Bank. We spent three days helping out. ASC volunteers contributed as much time they could to help in any way possible. People were upbeat and confident that things would come back to normal quickly.”

Johnny Hanson

See Us In Action

AramcoWorld Digital Media Editor Johnny Hanson spent hours at a Habitat for Humanity home during an Aramco "muck and gut" – helping to remove several feet of soggy drywall and ruined belongings for a homeowner.

“I think everyone who came out of the storm unscathed felt a sense of responsibility to do something -whether it was to help clean up, cook meals, donate money, watch someone’s kids, or even just getting back to work to keep businesses operating. At the Habitat homes, it was a great opportunity to help someone who had been affected and didn’t have the immediate resources to do it all on their own. They lost family heirlooms, photographs, furniture, everything. The last thing they wanted to think about was how they were going to rebuild. So, it felt good to be a part of a company that stepped up and said, ‘You know what? Don’t worry. We will take care of this for you.’ ASC was able to take an overwhelming burden away from many people, and that is awesome. Everyone working on the project was upbeat and attentive to the homeowner’s needs. We realized that many of the things we were moving were her personal belongings and had great meaning to her. We were privileged to be there helping her, not the other way around. And I think everyone knew that. We were doing what we have been called to do – serve others.”

Niki Driskill

Niki Driskill

Procurement & Logistics Transportation Invoice Verifier Niki Driskill began volunteering with her church, which operated as a shelter in the days following the hurricane. When word came out that the oyster beds in Galveston Bay had been seriously impacted by the millions of gallons of fresh water flowing into the bay, Driskill volunteered at ASC’s event to help our longtime ecological partner, the Galveston Bay Foundation. Volunteers bagged oyster shells to help form new oyster reefs and repaired damaged bags. Maintaining viable oyster beds is important since the oysters clean the bay naturally.

“The work was hard, but it was well worth being a part of something greater and learning something about our environment. The other volunteers were amazing. Everyone was in high spirts and ready to get their hands and everything else dirty to get the job done.”