SPE ATCE 2017: Petroleum Engineers Honored

Three Aramco Services Company professionals were among the recipients honored during this year’s Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) held in San Antonio.
For more than 90 years, SPE has created a platform for sharing technical ideas in oil and gas exploration and production and serving as a place for industry to debut its latest technologies.  Aramco has been a long-time supporter of SPE and served as a titanium sponsor and exhibitor.
Aramco professionals chaired sessions and presented more than a dozen technical papers on topics such as data analysis with automated workflows, a method for downhole sand consolidation, technology for mapping hydraulic fractures, and solutions for improving wellbore instability.  In-booth presentations were conducted daily highlighting the company’s advances in robotics and a novel solution using a date seed-based particulate product ‘ARC Plug’ in drilling operations.
SPE’s opening general session “Sustainable Oil and Gas:  Improving People’s Lives” featured a panel of speakers, including Saudi Aramco’s Khaled A. Buraik, vice president, Southern Area Oil Operations, discussing how Aramco and industry is delivering on a sustainable energy future.  Buraik emphasized the key role technology plays in delivering safe, affordable and sustainable energy.

ASC Professionals Receive SPE International Awards
During the Annual Reception and Banquet, seven Aramco professionals were among the honorees who were recognized for their significant technical and professional contributions to the industry and exceptional service and leadership to the society.  The three award winners from Aramco Services Company:  Mark A. Proett, Formation Evaluation Award; Dr. Anuj Gupta, Distinguished Service Award; and Dr. Hui-hai Lui joined the ranks of SPE Distinguished Membership.
Saudi Aramco President and CEO Amin H. Nasser was awarded SPE’s Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award which was established in 2013.
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