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Recruitment process

Along with providing new thinking, new approaches, and new solutions for the future of energy, we also operate as a vital link between talented professionals in the Americas and our parent company, Saudi Aramco, the world’s leading energy company.

Recruitment process overview

We offer rewarding opportunities in North America and Saudi Arabia for engineers, scientists, logistics specialists, and more. If you see a job positing that meets your experience and expectations, submit your resume online.

Application for employment

If your qualifications match our needs, then your information will be submitted to the Saudi Aramco hiring department. If the hiring department agrees with the recruiting department’s recommendation, you will be asked to complete an application for employment. From there, select candidates will be asked to participate in an interview at a nearby office, at a local recruiting event, or via video conference.

Offer of employment

If the interview goes well, a conditional offer of employment may be extended in writing. This offer specifies the conditions that must be met by candidates prior to employment, and outlines compensation package details.

Conditions for employment in Saudi Arabia

Conditions for employment in Saudi Arabia include, but are not limited to: medical examinations, background investigations, housing confirmation from Saudi Aramco, the enrollment of dependent children in Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools (as applicable), and permission to secure a visa to work and reside in-country from the Saudi Arabian government. Other special conditions apply for certain jobs requiring specific licenses or training. Aircraft pilots, for example.

Relocation processing

After your offer is accepted and all conditions for employment are met, you will be assigned a relocation advisor. This advisor is your go-to resource for the transition, providing helpful advice on everything from when to give notice to your current employer to the shipping of personal effects overseas.


Changing jobs is a major decision, especially when a new opportunity means moving to another country. That is why we require new hires and their spouses to attend orientation programs that address important topics such as cultural similarities and differences, housing options, schools, and more. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition from your current situation and into the expatriate lifestyle.